*Our classes are currently on hold as we hibernate for the winter and spend some time with our families. 
Our prenatal class will still be running on Thursday evening at 6pm – held at ‘The Space’ on David Street, Albury. Visit chillmamawellness for details.

Price List

Casual Visit $15 (cash)  $15.50 (eftpos)

Express (30 minute classes) $10 (cash) $10.50 (eftpos)

Students $10 (not applicable to Kids After School or Holiday Programs)

Book your spot in one of our classes now by sending us a text, an email or just turn up!

Stretch and Strengthen – A moderately paced class appropriate for most levels. Incorporating various styles including Purna and Vinyasa Yoga as well as bringing attention to alignment and breath through movement. Poses are chosen to encourage strength, mobility and flexibility. 
Modifications are given allowing students to choose a beginner or  advanced practice according to individual needs. 

Yin – (Restorative) Yin Yoga targets the deep connective tissues, bones, joints, fascia and ligaments in the body. The more we work our fascial system and deep tissues, the less dense and tight our bodies become as we age. In our 60 minute Fluid Yin Yoga class we hold key poses for longer, from anywhere between 30 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the pose and how long it takes for our bodies to feel the full benefit of the pose. We will then intertwine gentle flows between these key poses with the focus being on flexibility and lengthening muscles. 

Beginners Yoga (all levels welcome) – Join in for the joyful practice of yoga. This class uses a combination of movement, postures and breath to work on strength, flexibility and balance. An all levels class with focus on alignment, beginners will safely learn the basics while more experienced students can take postures to a deeper level. A great class to begin your yoga journey in a supportive and friendly environment. 

Prenatal – Prepare for Birth – A moderately-paced class to prepare women for birth. Through a safe, modified practice emphasizing movement and breath, we focus on poses that build strength and stamina while stretching and opening the body. We also cultivate breath techniques and relaxation exercises that help calm the mind. Modifications and enhancements are made to make the practice comfortable for all stages of pregnancy. All levels welcome.